VB Cable B Installation Error

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VB Cable B Installation Error

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I cannot get Cable B to install.

Cable A downloaded, unzipped and installed fine (in administrator mode). However, Cable B downloaded and unzipped fine, but when I tried to install it (as an administrator, just like I did with Cable A), I received the following "VB Cable Installation Error" message:

"LOADDRV: Access denied to registry

Be sure to run this program in Administrator Mode (right click on Setup program to do so)."

I also did make sure to reboot after Cable A's successful installation and Cable B's failed installation. Cable B still will not install.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Vincent Burel
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Re: VB Cable B Installation Error

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well, you must follow strictly the step by step:

1-Download zip on your local disk (C: system disk).
2-Extract all files in one folder (e.g. temporary folder on C: System Disk "C:\temp")
3-From this local temporary folder: Run Setup program in administrator mode (right click on exe to see the “run as administrator”)
4-Follow instruction : REBOOT after installation

(don't merge packages / don't extract packages in the same folder than other package)
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