Net quality latency settings

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Net quality latency settings

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Can you please tell me how many ms of latency each of the the "Net Quality" settings introduce? I assume Optimal = 0ms and Very slow is around maybe 100 ms? I realize that VBAN was spec'd for LAN usage, but I would love to see a dynamic buffer employed such that it could be more optimized for WAN usage.

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Re: Net quality latency settings

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"Optimal" mode introduces a minimal buffering (< 15ms) to let you get the best latency on your receptor device (can be < 50ms on WIFI link).
"Very slow" introduces around 100ms buffering.

Note outgoing streams must keep "Optimal" settings (if it does not work in this mode it means the UDP stack is busy, so means the Ethernet stack is busy, no way to make it work better).

While receptor can be set in "Slower" mode if the network connection is bad...
Our test are always made in Optimal Network mode(even on WIFI connection) but we recommend the FAST mode on WIFI link to get a better stream stability.
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Re: Net quality latency settings

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For Receptor Lite, can we have the static latency settings for each setting, as in the exact latency that just the app is making for a buffer ? It only supports 44.1 so if its in samples this is fine.

I wish to create a Max for Live device on Ableton's side which looks at the tempo and delays output until the next 1/4 note, which would be (duration of quarter note)-(latency).

I have found no way to get latency good enough to be perceived as "on the beat", therefore for stability the next best thing would be to have a safe stable setting and just delay until the next beat. I realize there is latency involved in the wireless conversion and native device DAC, but knowing what Receptor is adding would be very helpful.

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