Searching for Voicemeeter Expertise ?...

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Searching for Voicemeeter Expertise ?...

Postby Vincent Burel » Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:07 pm

We get more and more demands for Voicemeeter formation or setup guide from people willing to use it in a specific domain, including professional one.

This topic can be used to ask for this service (paid or free) to the community of Voicemeeter expert users.
So if you need someone to help you to configure Voicemeeter to do this or that: just post your request in this thread.

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Offering US $100 for personal help configuring VAC for my project

Postby prodos » Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:38 am

Greetings from Melbourne, Australia.

With the kind permission of Vincent, I’m posting the following request for paid assistance with setting up Virtual Audio Cable for my project.

I believe this should be very simple and straightforward for anyone experienced in setting up and configuring VAC software from


US $100


I’m having difficulties following the written/text instructions for configuring Virtual Audio Cable (and related software) and applying it to my project.

I’ve spent many hours trying to figure out how to do it, but without success.


Therefore … I would like to request personal, one-to-one, real-time assistance to guide me through the process.


Phone or Skype or live chat or any other method -- or combination of methods -- that gets the job done.

Also, I have no objection to allowing remote control of my computer in order to check things.

What I need is someone who is confident about how to accomplish the needed configuration and who can say to me:

"Okay, do this first. Done? Good. Now you need to do the following. Done? What are you unsure about? Okay, that's fine, but don't worry about that, just go ahead with doing the following and you'll see what happens. Now you need to do this. etc."


I need to conduct and record Skype-to-phone interviews for our non-profit, educational project.
i.e. I will be using Skype to connect with my guest’s landline or mobile phone.

The VAC configuration needs to accomplish the following:

  • That I can hear my voice and my guest’s voice and “system sounds” in my headphones during the interview.
  • By “system sounds” I simply mean: audio clips that are on my computer – which is the same the computer on which Skype and VAC are installed. Occasionally, during an interview, I need to run short audio clips. (For instance, from some news report or some podcast or some documentary, etc.)
  • That the guest (who is being interviewed) can hear my voice and system sounds.
  • That my voice, the guest’s voice, and system sounds are recorded.
  • I need to also be advised/guided on which specific software from I need (or don’t need) to use.


If you are a confident, expert VAC user, the above configuration probably seems absurdly simple to set up. Good!

Feel free to contact me directly on if you are interested or need to ask for more clarification.

(Please have "VAC help" or something similar in the email subject line, so I don't accidentally mistake your email for advertising.)


I’m happy to pay upfront by PayPal or direct deposit or whatever works.

I’m very easy to get along with, tolerant, and cooperative.

I have competent skills in downloading and installing software, so don’t worry about that.

I believe (and hope!) this will be an easy and quick job for a VAC expert.

Indeed, my aim will be to MAKE this as quick as I possibly can for you --> the VAC expert.

Thank you. 8-)

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Re: Searching for Voicemeeter Expertise ?...

Postby prodos » Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:26 pm

I'm very happy to report that VAC expert user, Rori, has emailed me and generously offered to help with this matter.

Thanks again to Vincent for allowing me to post my request. 8-)

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Re: Searching for Voicemeeter Expertise ?...

Postby unr3al » Sat Feb 29, 2020 11:18 pm

Hello all, here are my issues:

I've had a great amount of difficulty setting up a two PC streaming setup making use of a Razer Ripsaw, a USB Razer Kraken headset, a HyperX Quadcast USB microphone and two computers both equipped with OBS Studio and with Voicemeeter Banana and VB Audio VAC Control Panel. I've tried two different in-depth guides, one written, one YouTube video, and was unable to make much progress with either one. The video coming over from my gaming desktop comes over immediately with virtually zero work. The audio is another story.

In VBAN on my gaming PC, I show errors in my 'Incoming Streams' items, and VBAN itself does not display my gaming PC's IP address up at the top, but my IP shows up just fine on my streaming PC. I don't hear any audio at all when I try a test recording in OBS Studio on my streaming PC other than some awful feedback from my microphone unless I turn the decibel control all the way down or manually mute the microphone. I also come across horrible audio crackling on my gaming PC when I preview any audio unless I forcefully change all audio quality to '44100 CD Quality', which makes the cracking stop, but the quality is very poor compared to default settings.

It's worth mentioning that I'm not completely clueless with computers. I was a computer tech for several years, repairing laptops and desktops and doing virus removals, and every desktop I've ever owned has been self-built, but Voicemeeter is way out of my wheelhouse. I have no idea what most settings refer to and following step-by-step guides gets me almost nowhere. I love what the program does but it's not what I'd call user friendly to someone who's never touched an audio splitter before. I wanted to try gameplay streaming for fun, so I bought some gear a couple of weeks ago including a separate laptop as a streaming PC. I would have gone with a desktop but I simply don't have the room, so I chose a laptop with a reasonably powerful CPU and plenty of RAM.

I really need some help to have someone guide me through.

I can communicate using any medium you wish, including VOIP programs, and if a remote-control program like Teamviewer is necessary I understand. If this will be a complex process and you require some sort of payment, I'm willing to negotiate for that since this has been time consuming for me too.

Please feel free to contact me on here, or send me an e-mail at, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Gaming PC specs:
Windows 10 Pro
Intel i9 9900K
eVGA nVidia 1070GTX
32GB Corsair RAM
ASUS STRIX Motherboard
1x 1TB SSD
2x 3TB HDD
880W PSU
Razer Ripsaw Capture Device
HyperX Quadcast Microphone
Razer Kraken 7.1 USB Headset
Logitech 922c Webcam

Streaming PC specs:
HP 17-CA1031DX Laptop
Windows 10 Home
AMD Ryzen 7 3700U up to 4.1ghz TurboCore
1x 1TB HDD
Radeon Vega GPU

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Seeking Voicemeter assistance for setup with separate chat channels

Postby xRYANx555 » Tue May 19, 2020 12:15 am

I need assistance setting up Voicemeter Banana on my PC. My headset (Steel Series Arctis Wireless Pro) has separate channels for "chat" and "game". I want to be able to play audio (from a browser or audio file) and have it mix in with the chat channel so that remote people can her both my mic and the mixed in audio. Current documentation for Voicemeter doesn't really get into this type of situation, as best I can see. I've tried routing things myself and wasn't able to make it work 100% correctly.
If you think you can help, let me know. And if there is a fee, I would be willing to take offers, though I don't have a lot of money. (This isn't a professional thing, I'm just a regular gamer.) I would prefer setup help via phone. Thanks!
(I'm using Windows 10.)

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Re: Searching for Voicemeeter Expertise ?...

Postby Vincent Burel » Mon May 25, 2020 1:23 pm

did you follow the user manual step by step untils the case study #1? ... Manual.pdf

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