VBAN Receptor issues

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VBAN Receptor issues

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Hello. I've been checking the VBAN Receptor application for Android as a way to send my PC audio to a tablet through LAN. I've manage to set it up so the audio plays but I'm having a couple issues.

The first is very frequent cuts in the audio, and error lights "overload, missing, underrun" all flashing red when it happens. I've seen the post that says
in most of the cases, underrun error means a limitation problem on your network... or because bad connection (to far from WIFI point) or because a firewall or rate limitation on transmitter side (firewall, network limitation). The effect on the sound is "frequent cut", it means you hear a word or a musical frame correctly, and silence frame and again 500ms correct etc... in this case, check your network options and infra structure.
But I've checked all of those. Network is working correctly and WiFi is stable. My tablet is a little old (Galaxy Tab A) but should be sufficient for this. I've tried setting the network quality on very slow on the tablet, and while it's better, there are still a lot of cuts.

I'm not sure exactly how the whole VBAN works, I find it a little strange that I have to broadcast to an IP (.110) that is different from the tablet's IP (.20) is there some network virtualization here? It gets the IP from DHCP I can tell because it's in the range I've defined but there are no visible devices connected. (Also what are the Host and Address displayed under the IP in the VBAN Menu of VoiceMeeter?)

My second issue has to do with the fact that the VBAN receptor app is unable to work in the background. But I'm still using the Lite version until I can be sure that audio will play smoothly, perhaps the full version does not have this limitaion?
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