Cable C & D not in 64 bit folder?

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Cable C & D not in 64 bit folder?

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So, when I install the Virtual Cable, Cable A, & Cable B, they are installed in Program Files. But, for some reason, I can't get C or D to install there. The 64 bit installers are there, but when I click on them, I - understandably - get the option to uninstall. If I do that, then the installers disappear - obviously.

I was able to specifically access the 64 bit installers for VC, A, & B. But the installer for C & D is a combined package. I'm wondering if I should use that to install, make a copy of the installed folders (which include the 64 bit installers), uninstall, and then reinstall each of the two cables individually using the 64 bit installers.

What's the best way to install Cables C & D to make sure I'm installing them as 64 bit? Also, is there a way to get the VoiceMeeter Potato devices installed using the 64 bit installers (VAIO, AUX, VAIO 3)?

I bring this up because I find that, often, I can't get C or D to work or I get audio issues with them.
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Re: Cable C & D not in 64 bit folder?

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if you have problem with VB-CABLE C+D, just explain your problem and provide screen to show how you use it (also screenshot of their VBCABLE_ControlPanel to let us check if you have changed some internal parameters)

VB-CABLE C+D are provided through a single setup program (installing them for both 32 or 64 bits O/S)
you can de-install them by the regular ADD/Remove program in Windows Control Panel.

just don't forget to REBOOT on each step, otherwise you may read this topic:
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