[Macro Buttons] Read status in Macro Buttons

How to use Voicemeeter Remote API and control Voicemeeter Audio Engine
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[Macro Buttons] Read status in Macro Buttons

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i have the following scenario:

I have the KORG nanoKontrol 2 Midi Controller. I got the sliders and Mute buttons successfully mapped to voicemeter.

Following Problem occurs:

If i have muted 3/4 possible lines, and shut down my computer (or restard voicemeter) the state of them is remembered by voicemeter, but not by the macro buttons, nor the light on the midi controller. I can control the light of the controller by sending midi commands, and there is Botton[n].state to set the button to an initial state. but i cant do something like:

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Button[0].state = Strip[0].mute
is there some way to do this? As in my current state i need to redo my complete setup every time i boot.

Why is it importand?

I have 3 outputs: My big speakers, the television i use as my computer monitor, and my headset.
I want to control them via the mute. so that only 1 of the three is active at any time.
I now could say its always the tv, but i change the outputs on a weekly skale. For example i use the tv on the weekend, the headset in the week, and the speakers on holiday. Now if i set any one of the three es default, i need to switch it every time I'm in a phase i don't use the others. If i had the option to set it as shown above, i would only need to change them twice: once at the start of the weekend, and once at the end.

I hope it is understandable what i meant by that, and that there is some possible solution for it.

Kind Regards,
Vincent Burel
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Re: [Macro Buttons] Read status in Macro Buttons

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we note your request,

but for the moment no, MacroButton cannot read any current value.

to do so, you may use the Voicemeeter Remote API in a specific program (developped in any language supporting standard DLL).
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