(SOLVED) AkaiPro APC Mini - MacroButtons Crash

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(SOLVED) AkaiPro APC Mini - MacroButtons Crash

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Hi guys,

I've gotten an Akai Pro APC Mini and I plugged it in and started to setup up the macros I wanted.

MacroButtons GUI is crashing and when I go to startup a new instance Voicemeeter Potato starts a new remote and doesn't end the old one (Have to shutdown VMP)

I remember toggling the DMX option in MacroButtons but I'm unable to access the settings for MB, does anyone now where the options for MacroButtons is stored or how to reset the settings?

Apparently it was trying to hook in my bluetooth so I disabled that then removed the old configs. When macrobuttons was remaining on the tasktray I right clicked > Show macro buttons default position
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