Couple questions from newbie on volume and corrupted audio

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Couple questions from newbie on volume and corrupted audio

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Hi, this is my first post. I've been a Voicemeeter user for several years. It's been very helpful for me.

I'm a software consultant, and I have a process like this.

I will do screensharing calls using variety of tools. Teamviewer, skype, teams, zoom. These will have audio or I will do audio via telephone VOIP software on my desktop computer on headset.

I will have my development team join the call silently via Teamviewer and Teamviewer audio or Skype, depending on what tool I'm using for the call. They're in a different location. I also will record the calls using Debut or OBS, and need both my voice and client voice to record along with the screen.

Voicemeeter works very well for this. I've got a couple issues.

1. The computer I like to use for this is Windows 7 and has been sketchy with audio since I accidentally physically ripped out a headphone jack and I think it damaged the audio device hardware. Using Voicemeeter since then, I get corrupted audio frequently, and have to frequently restart the engine. I stopped using Voicemeeter and went to a new process using speakerphone and regular Windows sound set up to record with headset. But I want to go back to my old system. Any advice or posts or articles to read how to fix this maybe?

2. I set things up again, but using my new VOIP software (8x8 VOIP service), my voice comes in very loud in the recordings and my client's voice comes in too faint. I thought by playing with the volume levels in Voicemeeter, but it didn't work that well. I'm using Banana. If I moved to Potato would I have more flexibility with this? Any other software solutions for this?

3. I think I'll probably just get a new system. If I can't find software solution to fix the volume disparities, do you have suggestions for my new system or for a headset that would help optimize this?
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