Can feeds within a strip be referenced via a Macro?

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Can feeds within a strip be referenced via a Macro?

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As I continue to learn Voicemeeter and how to most effectively maximize its use, I just keep being impressed by the amount of capabilities within VM. I certainly want to thank all the folks involved in this endeavor, much appreciated!

One item that I was testing via Macros was that of getting access to the feeds within a strip. Using the macros I can certainly mute/unmute, swap strips and so on. As I looked at VM interface and how I was using such, it dawned on me that for my music selections I kept muting/unmuting 3 different sources of music (my Premium service with SiriusXM, Spotify, and Pandora) within my Desktop/Voicemeter VAIO, yet, doing such manually by clicking on the specific item within the strip (in this case strip 5).

So, I proceeded to see if I could enable this task via a macro, yet, unsuccessful since I could not find a command that could take care of such. I also tried to test some of the VBAN capabilities with the "text" option. That did not work either. Thus, I am posting this to see if anybody had a similar need and/or had previously investigated this option.

Any ideas and/or pointers for me to test out would be appreciated!

Thank you!

p.s. I can certainly route the various music channels to different strips, yet, I am currently using those for additional hardware/virtual strip requirements.
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