Receive Vban commands from multiple IPs

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Receive Vban commands from multiple IPs

Post by Roger733 »

I'm trying to send vban commands to voicemeeter banana from two different computers and it only lets me receive from one ip address. Is there a workaround?

Also, for vban audio streams I can specify a dns domain name and it automatically points to the correct ip, however it's not possible with the midi and vban commands, is it possible to implement that? I have the same requirement in macro buttons but it only takes ips and not domains in the vban configuration

Thanks in advance for the feedback, great software !

edit: I found a solution to the first request, simply using a blank address did the trick, would be nice to be able to specify an ip range or multiple adresses though. If you can implement the domain name resolution in there and especially in macro buttons that would be a welcome addition!
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Re: Receive Vban commands from multiple IPs

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for MIDI and COMMAND we recommend to keep no IP Address FROM (empty field).
then it will get MIDI message or TEXT Command from any point.
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