headset / microphone combination driver issues

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headset / microphone combination driver issues

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Hi all,

I have a bluetooth microphone/headset and USB microphone/headset combination.

If i want to record skype conversations, i get it working with my bluetooth headset,by selecting WDM:<headset name> as HW input1 and MME:<headset name> as Hardware output A1 (and skype output to virtual input).

But with my USB headset combination i only can choose the WDM:<headset name> option for both HW input 1 and HW output A1. It seems that some brands only offer WDM driver access, and i cannot choose microphone and headsetspeaker drivers seprately.

How do i solve this issue? If i buy a new headset is there any way i can see that the headset support multiple driver formats?

Thank you
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