License renewal

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License renewal

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I just now had Spectralissime prompt me for a response code. The challenge code/response code was apparently invalid. But my license was working fine just days ago. I did have to do this once before when I changed CPU, which is fine. But I definitely recall my license regen number was 0 because I remember being concerned about it.
However, when I logged in to the VB-Audio Web Shop I discover there is 1 renewal remaining and the challenge/response listed did not match what was filled in the registration window in Spectralissime.🤔

I have regened a new one and the product is now activated, but I am concerned why this happened. It was working fine just days ago. I have had absolutely zero hardware changes, not even a USB device, zero new software since Spectralissime was previously working and I even have Windows Updates paused for the last few weeks.
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Re: License renewal

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you maybe not have the last Spectralissime version installed, because this problem (due to Windows update, changing some system GUID) is normally fixed. Anyway, the REGEN option is also made to help you in this case.
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