Voicemeeter and EXP Soundboard - My own audio is low?

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Voicemeeter and EXP Soundboard - My own audio is low?

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Hi there. So, through some miracle (Given that I have no clue about audio settings, and the manual for Voicemeeter just sorta confused me more than it helped me), I've managed to set up a way for me to talk to people and play sound clips via EXP Soundboard, without my friends being able to hear themselves or youtube or the games I play.

However, when I play the audio, it's very low. But on the receiving end, it's much, MUCH higher. How do I change it so that my own volume is the same as my friends' receiving volume, in order for me to adjust it appropriately?

Screenshots of EXP Soundboard;

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Re: Voicemeeter and EXP Soundboard - My own audio is low?

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to manage PC Sound and Skype caller, we recommend to follow case study #1 on the user manual
http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Vo ... Manual.pdf

in this case, you have as input (as audio sources)
- your MIC on input #1
- Skype caller on input #2
- PC-Sound on Virtual input (for your SoundBoard app for example) .

for output (handled by bus), we typically have
- Monitor speaker on output A1 (BUS A)
- Skyke on BUS B (Skype Micophone connected to Voicemeeter virtual output).

Then if BUS A button is ON , you hear the related input in your speaker
if BUS B button is ON , Skype caller will hear the related input

REM: Check in windows audio options that all level are max, nothing muted, communication option set to "Do nothing"

i don't know if i reply to the question, but you might know that Voicemeeter provides a single mixer layer, it means the level you set for an input, is set for all BUS you send it to.
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