MT32-64 Live Recording with Allen & Heath Qu24

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MT32-64 Live Recording with Allen & Heath Qu24

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The Allen & Heath Qu24 mixing console series is offering an audio interface through a USB port to be connected to a computer.
it provides an ASIO driver to manage 32 I/O working very well with the MT128 Multitrack Recording application for Windows!

1- power on the mixing console first.
2- power on the PC next after (to be sure to reconnect to USB-ASIO interface automatically).

of course you may have installed the Qu Windows ASIO™/WDM Driver before on your PC (available on this page bottom)

MT64RecordingAllenHeathQu24.jpg (127.34 KiB) Viewed 31993 times

In this example, we use the MT64-Standard to record the 24 inputs coming from the Allen & Heath Qu-24 mixing console.

if you can record the first 16 input tracks without problem, you have to configure your application to record the 24 inputs because of the Qu-Drive default configuration feeding input channel 17 + 18 with Master BUS output (not with input channel 17+18 as expected).

IOPatch.png (339.12 KiB) Viewed 31993 times

in the MT64 Routing page, you may assign input 19 to track 17, input 20 to track 18 and so on...
while you can reassign input 17+18 to far track (here 25+26) to possibly record the master if needed:
MT64Routing.png (174.5 KiB) Viewed 31993 times

Then you can arm your 24 first tracks to record the 24 inputs of your Allen & Heath Qu24.
You can even test this with the MT32-SPLite that can be used for free for live recording.
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