Disabling unused VAIO's?

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Disabling unused VAIO's?

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Matrix with it's channel-per-channel routing is exactly what I was looking for, and after having (mostly) figured out how everything works, I have just one question:

Is there a way to disable unused VAIO? Even when Matrix is not running, I see 8 VAIO in every Windows in/output menu. I am switching inputs and output constantly, and these 8 additional devices makes my list much longer. Ideally I'd see the VAIOs only when Matrix is active, having a way to configure how many VAIOs are active (e.g. I mostly need one, rarely 2, never 8).
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Re: Disabling unused VAIO's?

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You can at least disable some VAIOs in the Windows Audio settings i guess or in Windows Sound Dialog box.
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