ASIO Output Patches ** HELP **

How to use Voicemeeter Remote API and control Voicemeeter Audio Engine
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ASIO Output Patches ** HELP **

Post by simmondp »

I've scoured the documentation but to no avail!

I'm interfacing to a Behringer UMC404HD via ASIO (4 in - 4-0ut soundcard)

My three Mic inputs (Mono Mic to Stereo Input) are mapped to to the faders 1-3 with the command

The output from A1 to (stereo) output channels 1 & 2 happens automatically with the setting of A1 to UMC-ASIO

In settings I can set "Out A2" to "A1 ASIO Outputs" [3] [4] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

However I am failing to find a way to do this from the command line.

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Re: ASIO Output Patches ** HELP **

Post by Vincent Burel »

I'm not sure instruction are implemented for other BUS ASIO patch, we note your request.
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