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Voicemeeter Version History (AUG/NOV 2022)

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Correction / new functions 3.02.8 / /
- PARAMETRIC EQ: Channel Copy includes channel information, that is used for PASTE operation. Consequently it was not possible to copy a channel settings to another channel. Now it is possible to copy a channel settings in another one.
- MACRO BUTTONS / VOICEMEETER / GEQ15 / MATRIX8x8: Windows placement revision (in some case, Windows position might be lost).
- REMOTE API: new instruction to manage Compressor/Gate detailed parameters.

Correction / new functions 3.02.7 / /
- GATE DETAILS: “Threshold out” parameters (not very useful) is replaced by “Damping Max” to limit the gain reduction on gate close (providing a kind of expander function).
- GATE DETAILS: “BP Sidechain” allows to activate a Band Pass Filter on the Detection signal (to make the gate more sensitive to a part of the spectrum only : 1.5 octave).
- COMP DETAILS: Attack time can now go to 200ms.
- START AUDIO ENGINE: error management revision
- COMP/GATE DETAILS: parameters can be set by Precision Slider (by SHIFT + LEFT CLICK).
- COMP/GATE DETAILS: Parameters could not be updated when using the strip menu (to reset or paste settings).

Correction / new functions / /
- VOICEMEETER: ASIO PATCH for BUS A2 was displaying wrong channel numbers in some cases.
- RESET SETTINGS: typo correction in warning dialog box.
- VOICEMEETER BANANA: BUS B1 EQ and MUTE button were not perfectly aligned (graphic correction).
- STRIP MENU: Click on top of the Strip (on INTELLIPAN or EQUALIZER Label) to open a contextual menu to Reset, Copy / Paste or Save / Load parts or all of the strip parameters.
- VOICEMEETER STANDARD: MIDI Feedback was not working correct for Audibility and Equalizer knobs.
- MIDI MAPPING: feedback now offers option to set feedback value for 2 states buttons (and the possibility to send other MIDI message for OFF and ON status). A LED is blinking on last control touched.
- ASIO ON A1 : unused output channel could contains signal coming from input (this THRU process for output channel not used by Voicemeeter is now removed).
- SPLASH: Bitmap Splash Screen updates for Voicemeeter Standard & Banana.
- COMPRESSOR: Release parameter can go to 5000ms.
- COMPRESSOR DETAILS: Click on Transfer graph was settings the INTELLIPAN cursor behind.
- VBAN –Talkie PC: Updated to version Different potential bug correction (input signal could be forwarded to audio output device if there was no incoming VBAN stream).
- VM-STREAMER: Slider mode are like on first version, (first slider is no “master” slider).
- VBDeviceCheck: now display an error message if willing to change device audio format in USER Mode (admin mode is required to write in registry).
- OUTPUT A1: Check that buffer size does not go above 2048 samples.

Correction / new functions / /
1- DENOISER: parameter was not stored in settings file.
2- FX RETURN on BUS: Display label R = Reverb, D=Delay, C= C5
3- MAIN VIEW: Button QUESTION added beside Minimize and Close Button to link to our support web page.
4- C5: Auto makeup control is now global and replaced on each band by an output Gain.
5- COMPRESSOR: Attack / Release behavior revision (in some case, these tow parameters were not running consistent).
6- GATE DETAILS: dBDiff parameter has been replaced by an attack time. The Gate process has been totally revised.
7- DEVICE CHECKER: this application now offers a Devices List page to display all VB-Audio Virtual Devices and let you change audio point sample rate and possibly check some parameters read in registry (requires to be run in administrator mode to be able to change registry settings).
8- MACRO BUTTONS : new GPI functions (requires specific hardware - to test later).
9- MACRO BUTTONS : new Command instruction to change the color of a button: Button.Color = 0 to 9;
10- REGRESSION: Instruction Bus().EQ.AB = 1; was not working anymore in previous version (due to a mistake in the implementation of instruction Strip().EQ.AB = 1;)

Correction / new functions / /
1- ASIO DRIVER Validation (Re-engineered DLL)
2- VOICEMEETER AUDIO CALBACK validation (Re-engineered DLL).
4- VIRTUAL ASIO INSERT: Patch status is displayed on the top left of each strip as ‘i’ + arrow to show and change the PATCH INSERT more directly on strip and directly see if the ASIO Insert is in use or not.
5- AUDIO CALLBACK: VMR Bus output Callback is now after the FX Return.

Correction / new functions / /
5- MUTE Function by menu shortkey (HOOK) was not updating MIDI remote connected to Voicemeeter (to mute input1 or output A1 BUS with CTRL+F10).
6- Menu “Limit Remote Gain to 0dB” option was no more taken in account when using remote relative gain instruction (e.g. Strip(0).gain +=3)
7- REMOTE API: GetDeviceDescW was not returning same info than GetDeviceDesc
8- EQ 6 Band Full parametric EQ is now offering a new gain range -36 to +18 dB and can be applied to hardware input (in Voicemeeter Potato Only).
9- MONITORING DELAY max (500 ms per default) can be set in registry “MaxMonDelayMS” in ms. (allowed max: 5000 ms).
10- COMP/GATE: Right click show Compressor and Gate detailed parameters over the hardware strips (right click again to close it). Changing a specific parameters display Compressor or Gate Knob display PRG inside the knob, meaning the settings is given by detailed parameters. Acting on the Comp or Gate knob will reset detailed parameters as they have to be to retrieve the regular behavior.
11- COMP/GATE: Since moving compressor or gate knob will modify all detailed parameters, CTL + Right Click on knob will recall the last settings defined before. Transfer graph is displayed in the Intellipan Panel (with compressor input level, compressor output level and reduction level in red).
12- MENU -> Shortcut key now offer to hook Volume key of function key for output A2 Slider.
13- MIDI MAPPING: new denoiser control.
14- MIDI MAPPING:MIDI message occurrence(s) are displayed in yellow, right click to display what other control is using the same MIDI message.
15- VIRTUAL ASIO DRIVER: Re-engineered to support timing callback error from master audio device. This modification concerns Virtual ASIO driver and our Remote Audio Callback and is expected to improve the stream stability for any connected DAW or any APA (like our 15 band graphic EQ, 8x8 Gain matrix or even Equalizer APO for example)
16- BUS MODE: Button now use different color code to better see normal mode and special mode.
17- SETUP PROGRAM: DLL files in use should be uninstalled correctly (some DLL in used could be not deleted on uninstallation/re-installation).
18- INSTRUCTION Strip(i).gain +=1; was not working (in VM-Potato) if the SLIDER MODE option was set to RELATIVE mode.
19- STREAMER VIEW: add slider mode NO LINK to modify slider independently from each other.
20- MACRO-BUTTONS: Option “Store last buttons state” in system menu to store the current button state on application close, and recall it on application launch.
21- INTERNAL FX: Delay can be replaced by C5-Limiter (in system settings dialog box).
22- INTERNAL FX: A/B management was not working in Delay.
23- VBAN CHAT Dialog box was bugged under Potato (due to difference between vb2_ctl and vb2ctlb library).
24- VU-METERS: were not considering the entire signal in some cases and some sound peak could be not detected.
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Re: Voicemeeter Version History

Post by swlehr »

I am replying to this post, as it is the only one that mentions game pads with regard to macro buttons. I have a flight simulator to which I've connected two headsets with microphones, and I use Voicemeeter Banana to control them. This arrangement works well, but it results in continuous open mikes. To solve this, I set up macrobuttons to serve as push-to-talk (PTT) buttons. The instructor station has the computer keyboard and uses the SHIFT key as the PTT, but the pilot has only a button on the control wheel. This button is a joystick button that can be assigned to perform any number of tasks, but the Voicemeeter macro button shortcut only reads Game Pad buttons. Is there a way to map a joystick button to a corresponding Game Pad button? If not, could the HID interface be used? There is no documentation on how to use the latter.
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Voicemeeter DEC 2023 - FEB 2024 Version

Post by Vincent Burel »

Correction / new functions / /
- VAIO: Latency menu was not displayed correctly on Voicemeeter Standard and now the latency can also be defined by RIGHT CLICK on VAIO extension button.
- COMPRESSOR: knee change now update the transfer graph display.
- CAPTION HELP: API instruction now displays Compressor / Gate / Denoiser detailed parameters.

Correction / new functions / /
- PITCH PRESET: Right Click Menu was not there anymore.
- PRESET SCENE: Capabilities to move Windows by any point (except slider).
- PRESET SCENE: Implement F1-F24 key to first 24 preset.

Correction / new functions / /
- PITCH PRESET: could be empty on very first launch.
- REMOTING: now Voicemeeter supports up to 8 client applications (instead of 4).
- BANANA PACKAGE: includes MP3 encoder 64bit version.
- HELP FILE for Potato was not including Help item for Bus Assignation button A4, A5 and B3.
- STREAMER VIEW: system menu : Always Visible option.
- VBAN2MIDI : Show IP Host Address.

Correction / new functions / /
- CAPTION HELP: even if disabled, the caption help was still displayed for Compressor Detailed parameters on Voicemeeter Potato.
- RESTART ADUIO ENGINE: on shortcut key: CTRL+’R’.
- VAIO Driver + CONTROL PANEL: latency parameter was not stored by I/O couple.
- VAIO Driver: compatibility with Win10 LTSC from version 1809 / Latency optimization on VAIO outputs.
- VAIO Extensions: add Right click on VAIO extension buttons to change latency.
- VAIO Latency is now stored in Voicemeeter system parameters and recalled on Audio Engine Start. It is always possible to change the Latency in related VAIO_ControlPanel Application (to find the well working minimal buffer size) but Voicemeeter will reset to it’s own value on Audio Engine Restart anyway.
- MACRO-BUTTONS: add function to manage application focus to send KeyPress to particular app (Could not work if pushing the button with Mouse).

Code: Select all

	System.SetFocus("Windows Media Player");
	System.ResetFocus(); //automatically called on script end.
- MACRO-BUTTONS: command.Button could not work correct for button id > 63. Communication between Voicemeeter and MacroButton could be lost if Voicemeeter was launched after MacroButtons.
- REMOTE API: new instruction to recall preset scene by name, to change recorder prefix.

Code: Select all

	Command.RecallPreset = "PresetName";
	Recorder.Prefix = "PrexcisString";
	Strip[i].Pitch.RecallPreset = 0..7
- PRESET SCENE: add Minimize box and forward Keyboard to Voicemeeter.

Correction / new functions / /
- RESET CONFIG: Check reset parameters: buffering clock, Out Limiter, Recorder Output BUS assignation.
- VAIO: Remove DMA size optimization (preventing to use samplerate above 48kHz). Remove possible disturbing case with loopback.
- RECORDER: Player file selector now offers audio and video format filter.
- MACROBUTTON: Add MEDIAPLAY = MEDIAPAUSE in the list of key string to be used with System.KeyPress() functions

Correction / new functions / /
- CAPTION HELP: Voicemeeter Potato can now show a contextual help on caption according the mouse position. Help is given by an XML file that could be internationalized.
- VAIO: Driver update fixes the multiple capture apps problem (Windows Sound Settings and Google search by Voice for example). Now implements 4x Render Pins and 4 Capture pins (instead of 2 render and 1 capture pins). Default Audio format is set to 48kHz 24 bits to all pins after installation.
- MASTER CLOCK: use master clock only if output A1 has not been selected.
- DEVICE CHECKER: Driver version mismatch becomes a warning (not an error).
- MENU: Can now be opened by using CTRL+’M’ shortcut.
- RECORDER: command REPLAY (to restart playback from 0) was not taking the LOOP mode in account.

Correction / new functions / /
- DEVICE SELECTOR: button design modification (audio interface total number was confusing). Prevent Mouse move disturbing Mouse Wheel.
- APP VOLUME CONTROL: Potato volume app list could be not displayed in Virtual input strip (regression in device identification).
- COPY/PASTE STRIP: denoiser level was not always updated.
- CAPTION HELP: Voicemeeter Standard can show a contextual help on caption according the mouse position. Help is given by an XML file that could be internationalized.
- PRESET SCENE: Display On startup can produce a crash: revision of code…

Correction / new functions / /
- SYSTEM SETTINGS: Possible display bug when ASIO device is selected as output A1.
- VOICEMEETER SETUP: recording device format is always in 44.1 kHz by Default.
- AUDIO DEVICE LIST: some MME or KS device could appear with incomplete information or with blank name.
- PRESET SCENE: defining a name or comment were re-storing the preset with current settings (instead of keeping the preset settings).
- REMOTE API: complete the function VBVMR_RunVoicemeeter:
1 = Voicemeeter Standard,
2 = Voicemeeter Banana,
3 = Voicemeeter Potato,
4 = Voicemeeter Standard x64 bits,
5 = Voicemeeter Banana x64 bits,
6 = Voicemeeter Potato x64 bits.
10 = VBDeviceCheck.
11 = VoicemeeterMacroButtons.
12 = VMStreamerView
13 = VoicemeeterBUSMatrix8
14 = VoicemeeterBUSGEQ15
20 = VBCABLE_ControlPanel
21 = VBVMAUX_ControlPanel
22 = VBVMVAIO3_ControlPanel
23 = VBVoicemeeterVAIO_ControlPanel
- MACRO BUTTONS: system tray icon is recreated in case of Explorer Restart.
- MACRO BUTTONS: Check Key consistency with CTL, SHIFT ,ALT (possible consistency problem with CTL or combination of CTL, SHIFT ,ALT).

Correction / new functions / /
- SYSTEM SETTINGS: Display issue: error message could be displayed on output A2,3,4,5 while there is no device selected. Possible display bug when ASIO device is selected as output A1.
- SYSTEM TRAY: Voicemeeter icon is recreated in case of Explorer Restart.
- OPTIMIZATION: Display VU-Meter only if window is visible.
- VOICE MODELER: the 8 presets can be redefined (stored), renamed, load, saved by user.
- DEVICE CHECKER: Update change format procedure. Check Voicemeeter and VB-Matrix Driver Name (and pin name redundancy).
- VOICEMEETER SETUP: Change all recording device format to 48kHz 16 bit format. Check if Voicemeeter VAIO are still present before installation.

Correction / new functions / /
- UNINSTALLATION: Possible problem due to wrong uninstallation procedure (procedure for old driver could be used instead of new one).
- MIDI FEEDBACK: Mute and volume control of application connected to Virtual inputs was not correctly connected to MIDI mapping.
- REC OPTION: dialog box can be closed by ESC key
- PRESET SCENE dialog box can be closed by ESC key. RETURN Key recall the selected preset.
- SYSTEM SETTINGS: Option OUT Limiter On/Off to Enable/Disable the Brickwall Limiter processing on Output BUS (OFF: if level goes over 0 dBfs, sound could become louder but more distorted).
- DEVICE SELECTOR: Display Pin Name only on first line. Now RETURN key validate the selection.
- DeviceChecker: update to consider new VB-Audio VAIO drivers and allows changing audio format (see device menu).
- REMOTE API: logout produce a crash if called twice (not expected since login and logout must be called once in application life... but fixed).

Correction / new functions / /
- ASIO PATCH: correct regression, ASIO PATCH was not displayed in System settings Dialog box when ASIO device was selected as output A1.
- VAIO Extension is pending on a specific additional License on Potato version (see menu).
- DEVICE LABEL: are no more deleted when removing related device.
- VAIO Driver Loopback function enabled by default.
- Bad parameters initialization on startup and loading config.
- MENU : Reset Config now also resets Recorder options.
- SHORTCUT on Restart Audio Engine : [CTL+A]
- Installation: was not closing current running voicemeeter.

Correction / new functions / /
- ASIOMAN2: Implementation of the ASIO type ASIOSTInt32LSB24.
- VIRTUAL ASIO: Internal Flush process added to avoid ASIO reset request loop.
- RESET PARAMETERS: the Gate could not be reset as OFF. AUX PATCH are also now reset. Checking of all RESET process. System settings & VBAN Dialog Box were not updated on RESET.
- MIDI MAPPING: Feedback parameter could not be initialized correctly. Now the MIDI message is displayed with its #channel number.
- VIRTUAL INPUT 3 EQ med knob was taking other knob value when starting to move it.
- NEW Device Selector (Like on Matrix) showing different list of audio devices classified by type (WDM, KS, MME, ASIO) with explicit icon and name information (like on historic Windows Sound Dialog box).
- DENOISER processing now includes a Voice Modeler FX: Right Click on Denoiser knob to get Denoiser / Pitch detailed parameters (all implemented in MIDI mapping too).

Code: Select all

	Strip[i].Denoiser.Threshold = 1 – 10
	Strip[i].Pitch.On = 0 – 1
	Strip[i].Pitch.DryWet = -100 to +100
	Strip[i].Pitch.PitchValue = -12 to +12 
	Strip[i].Pitch.LoFormant = -12 to +12 
	Strip[i].Pitch.MedFormant = -12 to +12 
	Strip[i].Pitch.HiFormant = -12 to +12 
- REMOTE API: VBVMR_AudioCallbackRegister() function could crash if callback was already registered by another application before. Reproducible with vmr_client example registering the 3 AudioCallback at once (crash if another APA was connected before).
- GUI LAYOUT Stored in settings: Extension popup state (open or not) for compressor/gate detailed parameters, Denoiser/Pitch and Connected application list are stored in settings and recalled on Voicemeeter startup.
- VBAN RTPACKET: new packet (ident:1) to get most of strip parameters (see T_VBAN_VMPARAMSTRIP_PACKET structure in VoicemeeterRemote.h).
- MENU: add short cut CTL+’,’ +R +V +M... to open additional dialog boxes
- SYNC by Internal CLOCK: if no device is selected for output A1, Voicemeeter audio engine now works by an internal master clock (with latency parameters defined in settings dialog box). It allows running Voicemeeter without having physical audio device.
- NEW Audio driver for Win10 64bits and higher, presenting 8 Virtual I/O. I/O 6,7 and 8 are dedicated to regular Virtual input and BUS B1, B2,B3 (according Version). While 5 first I/O can be patched to Hardware input and Ax BUS through a new enable button (According Version and activated VAIO extension feature).

Code: Select all

	Strip[i].VAIO = 0 or 1
	Bus[i].VAIO = 0 or 1
- AUTO SAVE CONFIG: Today / Yesterday settings are updated on application run.
- MENU: Extra VAIO License allows activating VAIOs extension on Voicemeeter Standard and Banana (Extra VAIOs are enabled on Voicemeeter Potato when activating the license).
o Extra VAIO will be activated on Potato with a specific additional VAIO extension license.
o Extra VAIO will be activated on Banana and Standard with the additional VAIO extension license.
- MIDI MAPPING: SysEx message is now enabled on MIDI output (for custom feedback).
- MACRO BUTTONS : System menu mnemonic added on System Tray (T) and Shutdown (Q).
- PRESET SCENE: new window displaying a list of PRESET to change the Voicemeeter mixer parameters. Right Click to get contextual menu, to Recall, Store/Overwrite preset scene. Edit Name / Comment, Copy / Paste, Load / Save / Delete.

Code: Select all

	Command.Preset[k].Recall = 1
- REVERB: input channel left was not considered at the same level than input channel right (bug in Reverb processing).
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