Strange ASIO Insert Behavior : Signal Leakage?

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Strange ASIO Insert Behavior : Signal Leakage?

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Recently, I started to use ASIO Insert feature of Voicemeeter. It is much more flexible and I like it a lot. However, I also discovered a very strange behavior.

My setting is:
  • audio interface ASIO buffer size from the device's control panel: 64 samples
  • Voicemeeter A1 output : ASIO audio interface
  • Voicemeeter ASIO buffer size : default
  • Patch inserts for channel in5(Left, Right, and so on) are all turned on.
  • Reaper's audio device: Voicemeeter Insert Virtual ASIO Device
  • A track on reaper : gets input from IN#5 Left and Right and output is routed to IN#5 Left and Right respectively, hence playing the role of insert patch.
Everything seems to work fine. I played audio through Voicemeeter AUX Input. And the signal is delivered to reaper's track and it's delivered to voicemeeter back and the signal is finally played through the A1 output.

However, when I mute the track or turn off the monitoring, so the insert return is not going anywhere, I can hear very weak noisy sound coming from speaker. The voicemeeter meter shows nothing happening. It's like leaking through.

If I close and run reaper again a couple of times, once in a while everything works fine again. The mute works fine and nothing comes out of A1 output.
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