Voicemeeter and Guitar through Amplitube / iRIG?

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Dr. Frankenkeim
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Voicemeeter and Guitar through Amplitube / iRIG?

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I was wondering if anybody is using Voicemeeter to run a guitar setup through Amplitube while running a music streaming service at the same time (for example Spotify)? There have been multiple postings about the ASIO being limited to one application at a time and in general voicemeeter seems to address this issue.

I can get Amplitube through an iRIG plus Spotify to run at the same time when I use a VB cable in the input section. However, using a guitar / instrument does not work well because of the latency this setup is creating. Changing the buffer size does not reduce the latency to a level that would work to jam along with a track.

If I use Amplitube / iRig directly through the system audio the latency is fine so the issue is introduced by splitting the signal into a VB cable since I cant get Spotify to work otherwise.

I know that a dedicated audio interface will address this through a dedicated channel but my travel setup right now is limited to an iRIG as I don't want to bring my audio interface on the road.

The old Steinberg was working fine (I don't think they support new full licenses and the trial is cutting out every few seconds) so I know that there has to be a way to get this to work, but I can't get Vm to get the latency to the Steinberg trial.

Does anybody know how to address this?
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Re: Voicemeeter and Guitar through Amplitube / iRIG?

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to play live with virtual instrument (or physical instrument or microphone) you may first optimize the Voicemeeter Main Stream given by the output A1 . We recommend to select an ASIO driver with 128 to 256 sample buffer size. (if using WDM device, try to find one, running stable with 256 sample buffer size).

Virtual Insturment must be connected to Voicemeeter through its virtual ASIO driver (to optimize latency too).

VB-CABLE will introduce mor elatency per default, it is possible to optimize VB-CABLE latency but it's for expert only:
https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/VBCABLE_ ... ttings.pdf
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