help with vban_emitter and vban_receptor needed

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help with vban_emitter and vban_receptor needed

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hopefully someone can point out what I am doing wrong

for a few years I have run Kodi on windows 10 using bananna and vban to send a copy of the audio to a raspberry pi which is running vban_receptor, which in turn outputs the audio feed to a hifi system which can feed other speakers around the home.

this has worked fine for my uses and is still working today

but I am now moving to using libreelec for kodi, but I need the above vban functionality so compiled up vban_emittor and installed it on the libreelec server

as a first stage in testing how this was going to work (before messing with alsa configs !!)

I used Aplay -L to find out the system default device and if I play a wave file using the following

aplay -D sysdefault -f cd testfile.wav

it does indeed play on the local system default speakers

my thinking was that to send this to the existing raspberry running vban_receptor all i needed to do was something like the following

/usr/local/bin/vban_emitter -i -p 6980 -s Stream1 -d sysdefault

while aplay was playing the audio, and it should be sent to my raspberry vban_receptor instance invoked with

/usr/local/bin/vban_receptor -i -p 6980 -s Stream1 -q 1

but I dont hear anything coming out of the raspberry

if I add -l 4 onto both ends packets seem to be getting sent and received but I'm not hearing anything.

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious but I don't know what

any help gratefully received

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Re: help with vban_emitter and vban_receptor needed

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I am the maintainer of vban open source project, sorry it took me time to know about your post here.
Unfortunately the thing you are trying to achieve will not work like this:

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vban_emitter -i XXX -p PPP -s SSS -d sysdefault
will capture the sysdefault hw input (I am not sure if there is a mic/linein interface in the Rasperry integrated audio, but this would be the one) and stream it as a vban stream.

If you want to capture audio being played locally, your easiest choice would be pulseaudio, as you could configure pulseaudio to sink vban_emitter with a "monitor" of the local output (see

If you must use alsa, there might be ways, but I have never tried them, to configure a virtual loopback, to use this as "local" output interface for players and use it as "local" input for vban_emitter. I am not familiar with these, but I am sure you can find documentation on the web.

Hope this helps,
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