EQ Mics on INPUT?

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EQ Mics on INPUT?

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Hello, first post, and loving VMB!

I've used it for over 5 years on and off, and have a unique scenario I'm hoping someone can assist with. I'll explain my rig then have 3 questions below in bold.

I run an online classroom, and use VMB to mix the various audio inputs on my comp out to the room, and bring the room input back in. My setup is almost identical to the "Use 2 mics with Skype" instructional post.

I have 2 separate 3.5mm headset inputs, media player virtual input, and an Online classroom virtual return input. A1, A2, Cable, Aux B2.
I have A1 out to speakers, which has a headphone out, so I simply split this out to the two 3.5 mm headphone jacks.
I have B2 Out to the classroom.

Mic A1 -> B2
Mic A2 -> B2
Media Player CABLE -> A1 & B2
classroom AUX IN B2 -> A1

I use B2 for the in/out to the class as I'm old and forgetful! lol. Easier to use the same 'line' to keep it all straight in my head!

My question is this: How do I apply a separate EQ to the mics on the input side?
All inputs - mic1, mic, media player - all feed output B2. And the only expanded EQ is on the output. I want to EQ the two separate voices separately, and separate from the Media Player.

This second question is most likely a POTATO questions: is there a way to have A1 & A2 on their separate outputs, which can be EQ'd, fed back into the board in order to be mixed post-EQ with the Media Player an then output together? there are not enough ins/outs in Banana to experiment with this given my needs, so thought I would ask here. Alternatively, would I input my mics initially to an ASIO Equalizer on my machine, and then into the board? Many do this with Adobe audition for example...

The third question is more of a feature request if the above is not easily possible. Is it possible to replicate the output EQ function on the Input strips? It would be amazing to have full EQ available pre-output strip!

Thanks for any info, and apologies for any lack of clarity or if this is a noob question!
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