Intermittently Lose Front Centre or Sub-Woofer on 7.1 Test

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Intermittently Lose Front Centre or Sub-Woofer on 7.1 Test

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Hello VB-Audio team,

Let me take you through my scenario.
I have these pieces of software installed:
VB-Audio Virtual Cable
Voicemeeter Banana
HeSuVi (Latest Equalizer APO)
Realtek HD Audio Driver (ALC1220 codec)

How am I using this software?
I am using the VB-Audio Input Cable as my default output sound.
I have this set to 7.1. surround sound (so as to make applications/games think I have 7.1 surround sound speakers).
I have used Equalizer APO to setup HeSuVi virtualisation on that input cable. I hope to take a 7.1 surround sound input and applying the HRIR function to downmix it cleverly to stereo. I am also applying an equalization curve to this, and have the connection mode set to "Virtualization".
I then have Voicemeeter banana using the "VB-Audio Output Cable" as the "Hardware Input 1".
Then I am applying a VM Banana audio compression to that "Hardware Input 1", before outputting the signal to my "Realtek High Definition Audio" output.
* To that output I have connected a pair of Sennheiser G4ME ONEs.

What is the problem?
This setup usually works fine. I can tell that the HeSuVi is applying the different HRIR filters (so that bit is working). When I configure VB-Audio Input Cable to 7.1 and test the speakers then all sound correctly. When I test the 7.1 in HeSuvi everything is again fine. The Voicemeeter Banana compression also works.

However, occasionally the front centre and subwoofer speakers will not work on the test. They are playing (but are very, very quiet). So when in the Windows "Configure" dialogue and I click on the individual speakers in the picture. All work fine (apart from the front centre and subwoofer). Now, this seems to be an intermittent fault (I think I fixed it by setting VB-Audio Input Cable to "Stereo" and then resetting it to "7.1 surround speakers"). This isn't an ideal solution though (as the front centre seems to cut out at random).

Can you think of any reason this would be happening? I am happy to give more details if required.

I wonder whether it could be the "Auto Restart Audio Engine" setting. Should I have this turned off?

Please, can you review my use case and let me know if I have done anything in particular wrong?

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