Voicemeeter Freezing up

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Voicemeeter Freezing up

Postby Erwin » Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:09 pm

Hi i got a serieus problem at the moment and dont know how to fix it

so happens kinda everyday (atleast 1 time) that when i am streaming that voicemeeter stops working

sound disapears then i alt tab out of my game right click voicemeeter and end it then that task bar gets stuck..then i try ctrl alt del and end task in there now my ctrl alt del screen gets frozen (i can still play my game with out sound) then ill exit the game and my game freezes now aswell... so no option left to HARD reset the pc again

and i am streaming from 1 pc so this is a horrible experience! to stop the stream and restart it could someone help me fix this issue?

Pc is brand newly formatted installed fresh win 10 > got 2 games on my ssd (fortnite and path of exile) all drivers are up to date i got "Cable" "Cable A" "Cable B" everything on voicemeeter is default aswell (all my sample rates are 48k 16 bit and i also use Dolby atmos for my headphones https://imgur.com/QK1PLkL https://imgur.com/Exft7As

any help appreciated!

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Re: Voicemeeter Freezing up

Postby Erwin » Thu Aug 29, 2019 12:57 pm

Guess this is not gonna get fixed what a shame!

Vincent Burel
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Re: Voicemeeter Freezing up

Postby Vincent Burel » Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:04 am

Maybe it comes fom your wireless headphone.
you may replace it by another headphone (wire one) to see if the problem appears again or not...

then you could try another audio interface for your wireless headphone (MME instead of WDM for example) to see if you get problem again...
otherwise you may contact the headphone manufacturer as well.

On our side, we know that our application and drivers can work 24/7...
but some audio devices do not...

With Windows Audio, everything must be checked on your entire workflow duration.

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