Medi Controller Device for Voicemeeter

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Medi Controller Device for Voicemeeter

Postby xGamerG1rl » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:07 am

Hey Guys,

did some of you got a Medi-Controller for Voicemeeter and could send me some recommendation for me ? I got the big version (potato) and need lots and lots of Faders and Buttons :D

Greetings from Germany,

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Re: Medi Controller Device for Voicemeeter

Postby BangDroid » Fri Sep 13, 2019 2:16 pm

I am using the Akai LPD8 with reasonable success. Everything is recognized, the knobs work great, the pads do too. Linking is reasonably straight forward. I use both midi mapping and Macro Buttons. There is a small issue with the toggle state mode for the pads. The LPD8, when the pads are toggleable, I can't get it to replicate with Voicemeeter, the 'off' never triggers Voicemeeter, then the 'on' triggers it again. Hope that makes sense. But I do mainly just use the knobs.

Vincent Burel
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Re: Medi Controller Device for Voicemeeter

Postby Vincent Burel » Fri Sep 13, 2019 7:34 pm

many people also use Korg NanoKontrol MIDI Controller.

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