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Java sound

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Hey, just a quick question to try and figure this out....
So a tool called Touch Portal has the capability to play sound. Touch Portal seems to use Java for much of its code base.

From the looks of it, if you force Windows to change the audio out on Touch Portal that isn't on the default, the audio works for the remainder of that session.
But if you restart for whatever reason and come back on before changing it back, the audio never works. You will have to manually change the output in Windows itself to match wherever the audio was set to (i.e. if it was overwritten to play audio on VAIO3, it will work, but restarting it, you have to set windows default audio out to run on VAIO3 to be able to find it and change it back to re-change it to VAIO3).

Is there a small possibility that VMeeter is not being detected by Java during initialization by the software (cause its not considered default) or perhaps that VMeeter is not acknowledging the program? Wanted to see if its something that could be either remedied on the software, utilize a macro, or just stare at Oracle and go "really guys?"
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